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Website Basics

Who will open website?

Website is the latest tools to disseminate your information. Website helps indirectly to identify yourselves. Website helps to promote business products or any information to any targeted group within second. In future website will be the trust address of any entities. Following entities can open website.

  1. Any personal
  2.  Any business company
  3. Any Bank, NGO
  4. Any  University, College, School and Madrsah
  5. Any Organization
  6. Any institutes
  7. Any government Offices
  8. Any Training institutes.
  9. Any Hospitals and Clinic
  10. Any Association
  11. Any alumni Association
  12. Any e-Service provider
  13. Any e-Commerce business
  14. Any purpose online transaction
  15. Etc

What is the purpose of website?

Following Purpose can be served by website:

  1. Dissemination information
  2. Display product
  3. Display everyday activities
  4. Handling email
  5. Display Contact
  6. Etc

Published Date: April 15,2016
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